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JIT Manufacturing

JIT Custom Cable Manufacturing, Wire Harness Manufacturing and Electro Mechanical Manufacturing

Park Manufacturing is concerned about delivering the best products – efficiently. Just in time (JIT) production is a strategy that reduces in-process inventory and carrying costs which improves ROI.  We heavily rely on KanBan as our scheduling system to ensure JIT is achieved. 

We thoroughly studied the JIT philosophy before implementing it.  Because the storage of any inventory that is not currently used is ultimately a waste of resources, we knew we could use the JIT inventory system to weed out those hidden costs.  Our custom cable design and manufacturing, electro mechanical design and manufacturing as well as ourwire harness design and manufacturing were all areas that we had to look closely at to fine tune.  

Park Manufacturing has been in business for over 66 years and we feel that our longevity has given us an advantage when investigating potential manufacturing issues. After much careful consideration we are focused on having the right materials, in the right place and at the right time.  JIT serves us well. 

Contact us to find out more about how JIT at Park manufacturing can work for you cable manufacturing, wire harness manufacturing and electro mechanical manufacturing needs.

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