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PARK Manufacturing News Archives


August 11, 2016

Park Manufacturing will be exhibiting at the Design2Part trade show in St. Charles MO on September 14th and 15th 2016, at the St Charles Convention Center. Design2Part is a trade show that focuses on the design and manufacturing side of major industry. Attendees include design engineers, purchasing professionals, plant management. Park Manufacturing is one of the few Wire Harness and Cable Assembly focused subcontract manufacturers exhibiting at this show, and we are excited to meet many new people form many industries in surrounding St Charles. See you at the show!

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July 31, 2016

Park Manufacturing has the capability to process wire up to 750MCM! One of the more difficult items that many manufacturers have is finding suppliers for heavy gauge wires for battery cables, grounding grids, and large equipment. Park is your source for heavy wire gauge assemblies! Park Manufacturing has the unique ability to build complex harnesses, military, cable assemblies, soldered components, and almost any assemblies that include wire or cable as a major component. Many sub contractors focus on just one or two facets of wire and cable processing. Park is able to manage many types of assembly with unmatched world-class quality!

April 12, 2016

Park is pleased to attend the annual Manufacturers Roundtable, this year hosted by Diversified Bronze Manufacturing in Cambridge, MN. Park has been a past host of this event, an important event that draws participants from local manufacturing businesses to discuss many topics, including Plant Safety, Employee Retention, Employee Training, and many other important business issues concerning manufacturing in our community as well as our local business challenges and successes. Park is a proud member of our local community and values the input from all of our community partners and look forward to participating in the future.

March 28, 2016

Park Manufacturing is planning on attending the FDIC show in Indianapolis IN on the week of April 18h through the 23rd. This show will include many manufacturers of Fire Apparatus and Equipment, an extremely valuable segment of our economy, as well as our community safety. We will be visiting some existing customers as well as anticipating making new connections within this important part of our economy. We hope to see you there!

March 14, 2016



Park Manufacturing is planning on exhibiting in a local Job and Business Fair in our community on April 26th at the Anoka Ramsey Community College, Cambridge Campus. There are expected to be 40 + businesses participating in what has become an annual opportunity for people on our area to see what our local businesses are engaged in, and to discover what employment opportunities exist. It is a great way for our local businesses to meet with potential future employees in an informal setting, and for our local businesses to do a bit of marketing and networking as well. Please come and visit our booth and see what Park Manufacturing and our other local business have to offer!

Park is proud to announce a new capability coming February 2016!

Picture2Laser Etching and Part Marking has become a great way to reduce costs and maintain legibility on connectors through the life of the product. Since nothing is touching the part, the integrity of the part being marked in never compromised.

Why Park chose to add this model:

  • You can simply place the tool in the engraving cabinet - there is no need to manually brace parts.
  • It's environmentally responsible - there are no marking materials like ink and acid etching chemicals to worry about or to dispose of.
  • There are no expensive bits or tools that will wear down and need replacing.
  • This system is ideal for marking a wide variety of materials.
  • Made in the USA

December 18th, 2015

We are very pleased to announce the hiring of our newest member of the Park Team, Tom Ackerly.  Tom’s position will be that of Sales Director.   He will work remotely out of Lawrence, Kansas.

Tom Ackerly, the recent Business Development Manager at M-1 and Sanmina SCI joins Park Manufacturing today as Sales Director. Devoting over a decade serving public and private companies in the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry from the Chicago area, Tom brings more than two decades of experience to new and existing customers of Park Manufacturing.

Tom began his career as a Sales Engineer designing and manufacturing for the interconnector markets at AMP Incorporated, now TE Connectivity. Previously, Tom oversaw the business development and sales growth at a number of EMS industry leaders including Motorola, Inc.’s US headquarters where his OEM and sales work led him to travel throughout North America and globally. His sales perspective has been shaped by exposure and experience in the medical/life sciences, automotive, military/aerospace, as well as industrial, telecom, gaming and consumer market sectors.  Ackerly has been associated with numerous sales and service awards and has completed continuing education programs at Motorola University, AMP College, the Miller Heiman’s Strategic Selling Program and The University of Kansas in Kansas.

Relocating to the Central Plains (Kansas) from Chicago, Tom has been married for over twenty years and along with his wife, he has raised two children and has one grandchild. A native New Yorker, Tom earned a B.F.A. in from the SVA in Manhattan, New York, where he was also introduced to the live pop/rock music scene, and plays bass guitar. In his leisure time, he enjoys time and travel with his family, college sports, professional sports, his chocolate Labrador Retrievers, gardening, fishing and golf.  He has served as a coach to youth sports, including football, basketball, and baseball, is active in his Church and is a member of Lions Club International. He is big KC Royals, and University of Kansas Basketball fan.

October 19, 2015

Park Manufacturing now has the ability to Hot Stamp connectors! We recently purchased equipment that will allow us to permanently mark most plastic connectors with customer specific custom designators to enhance their designs for service, maintenance, or any other identification needs. Park Manufacturing is always searching for ways to enhance our capabilities and to provide a better product to our diverse customer base. This capability goes along with our ability to hot stamp and inkjet wires to customer specific parameters as well.

September 14, 2015

Park Hosts Regional Meeting

Park Manufacturing was pleased to host a regional meeting between local business and community leaders and a Site Selector for Federal Business Opportunities. Site Selectors are on tour in all regions of our state where they will evaluate specific regions and grade each accordingly. Each region will receive a specific grade and selection rank based upon many criteria, including Educational Opportunities, Availability of Rail and Trucking Transport, Real Estate Factors, Tax Considerations, and other Community Specific Metrics. Participants took a tour of Park Manufacturing, and participated in a round table discussion between the Site Selector and community leaders in regards to our region. It was an interesting and valuable insight into the evaluation process utilized for selection.


March 8th, 2015

Design2Part Show

Mark your calendars: Park Manufacturing will be exhibiting once again at the Design2Part show in Schaumberg IL on May 6th and 7th!!! Design2Part is a trade show showcasing companies to help engineers and purchasing professionals to source the best custom components, parts and contract manufacturing services. Each show features hundreds of job shops and American contract manufacturing suppliers exhibiting their skills in Design, Prototyping, Production Services, Value Added services, Assemblies, Electronics, and much more. Please visit Park Manufacturing at booth number 435 to see how we can help you with all of your Wire Harness, Cable Assembly, Battery Cable, and Turn Key Box and Panel Builds. See you there!

February 24, 2015

Internal Auditor Training

As part of our commitment to ISO 9001, Park Manufacturing has successfully completed a two-day course on internal auditing. Six employees were selected from a group of volunteers and represent various departments within the organization. The course focused upon properly training employees to perform process audits and gain a better understanding of the Quality Management System.

Using a competency based approach; the training reinforced the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. Specifically: categories of audits, audit objectives, and audit scope were all extensively reviewed. All participating employees completed their coursework and passed final examinations before receiving formal certification. Going forward, the use of internal audits will ensure maximum effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

January 6, 2015

Park Manufacturing is meeting Performance Goals

Park Manufacturing has reached a couple of company goals in the past month. As a part of our commitment in becoming and maintaining our goal of being a World Class Manufacturer of wire harness and cable assemblies, we have set some high-performance metrics to achieve that status. Those goals are 99.7 on-time delivery, less than 50 PPM defect rate and an internal goal of 99.6 on First Pass Yield in our manufacturing process. We are proud to report that in December we reached all of those goals with a 99.87 On Time Delivery, a Zero PPM Defect Rate, and a 99.62% First Pass Yield. All of this means that our customers can expect product on time and defect free, and for Park Manufacturing it means we built it correct from the start. Truly World Class Performance!

December 3, 2014

Using 5S to Eliminate Waste

In today's fast paced manufacturing environment, success is often measured by a company's ability to improve and refine. As customers seek out partners able to provide the most value in the supply chain, it becomes increasingly important to develop, implement, and sustain a culture of continuous improvement. Here at Park Manufacturing, we take pride in the recent success of such efforts. 

Chosen as a fitting complement to our Lean Manufacturing model, the 5S philosophy was adopted to rapidly transform all areas of the business into efficient and reliable contributors. After nearly 12 months of growth and change, the results of this program are becoming readily apparent. The core of 5S is simple:
  1. Sort- Remove all items from the workplace that are not currently needed. Leave only the bare essentials.
  2. Set in Order- Relocate needed items so that they are easy to find, use, and put away. The emphasis should be reducing steps, time, wasted motion.
  3. Shine- Clean and maintain workspaces and equipment so that employees and visitors alike notice the pride of ownership and attention to detail.
  4. Standardize- Implement methods to maintain the first three disciplines. Essentially taking the best ideas from each team and incorporating them globally, with an emphasis on simplicity.
  5. Sustain- Provide ongoing support of the 5S process using a top-down approach, promoting awareness, accountability, and structure.

Monthly audits now serve as our benchmarks to track progress, identify opportunities, and recognize employee contributions. Combined with daily meetings, visual metrics, continuing education, and training, 5S became a powerful operational tool. We hope that when you ask our customers, visit our facility, or contract our services, the results speak for themselves.

June 23, 2014Komax

Park Manufacturing has added the Komax Model Kappa 350, pictured right, to our production lineup. Utilized on our Battery Cable and Heavy Wire production line, this unit has made a valuable difference in our capabilities and throughput on that team. This machine has the capabilities to produce lower AWG wires in a shorter amount of time, and along with computer controls and sensing this unit provides a large degree of accuracy as well. Park Manufacturing continually invests in our People, Facility, and Equipment, to provide the World Class Quality our customers demand. Visit Park Manufacturing for all of your Battery Cable requirements!



June 22, 2014

Park Manufacturing is excited to present our new Continuous Improvement Specialist, Brian Norton.

In order to support our expanded capacity and ever tightening quality objectives, we have added the position of Continuous Improvement Specialist to our full time staff. Brian comes to us with 12+ years of manufacturing and technical expertise. Mr. Norton has a unique blend of education and real world experience that allows him to provide high level analysis and sound business advice. His track record of successful process improvements, cost reductions, safety programs, vendor relations, and other business related items gives us confidence his presence will benefit Park as a whole. By collaborating with all departments and seeking out new ways to improve, Mr. Norton will provide a clear path for Park to strengthen its position as the premier provider of wire harness, cable assembles, and related products to the OEM marketplace.

May 21, 2014

Fast Response Corrective Action System

Park Manufacturing uses FRCAS as a tool to provide transparency and ownership across all members of our manufacturing floor and management to resolve any and all operational issues. FRCAS is a valuable tool for Park Manufacturing utilized to provide a quality and defect free product. All supervisors and managers meet twice daily to discuss ongoing issues relating to quality, delivery, and operational disturbances as they happen and determine a plan of action. This transparent effort allows for quick resolution in all areas of the company.

May 14, 2014

PARK Manufacturing PPM Level

Park Manufacturing has achieved the lowest recorded PPM level in our history. PPM (parts per Million) is a quality measurement utilized to determine levels of defect free product. Park Manufacturing has maintained a PPM level of 58 over the first quarter of 2014. Park Manufacturing has a strong commitment to World Class Quality, and our PPM level is a measurable indicator of that commitment.

May 7, 2014

Park Manufacturing passes recent ISO Audit

Park Manufacturing has maintained ISO certification for over 10 years. We recently passed our bi-annual ISO audit with great feedback about our improved systems. Park has the quality systems in place to meet all ISO 9001:2008 requirements to provide our customers with the stringent quality they have come to expect from our company. Park chooses to have our ISO system be audited every 6 months to ensure validity.

April 14, 2014

Park Manufacturing to Exhibit at Design2Part Show

Come and visit Park Manufacturing at the Design2Part show in Schaumberg IL, on May 7th and 8th, 2014. Design2Part is a trade show designed for engineering at Original Equipment Manufacturers to meet new sources of supply in the Contract Manufacturing Marketplace. The companies exhibiting at this show have skills, experience, and services that cover a vast spectrum from design through production. With Park Manufacturing's expertise and commitment to quality, this will be a perfect platform for potential customers to visit our booth and get to know about our company as well as our decades long experience in the wire harness industry.

April 14, 2014

Park Manufacturing to attend the Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo in Milwaukee

Park Manufacturing will be attending the Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo in Milwaukee WI on May 13th and 14th, 2014. This Industry Trade Event promises to display the latest wire processing technologies available to help Park Manufacturing maintain our technical abilities to be among the industry leaders in the wire harness and cable assembly marketplace. Our engineering and sales team will be visiting the show along with many interested customers. We hope to see you there!

December 17, 2013

Park Manufacturing has been selected for Manufacturing Marvels! Park Manufacturing has recently filmed a high definition video for a segment of Manufacturing Marvels that airs on Thursdays on Fox Business Network. Our video aired for the first time on December 5th, 2013. Manufacturing Marvels showcases the American manufacturing community with a particular focus on the importance of manufacturing companies and manufacturing jobs. Follow this link to view our video, and stay tuned to Fox Business Network and watch for Park Manufacturing on any re airing.

October 24, 2013logo-2013-2014-med

Park Manufacturing has recently submitted and is now registered with the US Federal Government to officially start accepting and bidding on federal contracts. Attached to our website is the official seal of the US Federal Government Registration. This Verified Vendor seal allows federal purchasing officers help find products and services needed by our Government and to know that Park Manufacturing has the credentials to receive federal contracts.
This is an important step forward for our company allowing us to bid directly on new business opportunities. Contact Park Manufacturing today for all of your wire harnessing, cable assembly and battery cable products!

October 1, 2013

Come visit Park Manufacturing at the Power Gen International Trade Show in Orlando, FL on November 12th through the 14th at the Orlando Convention Center. Meet with industry professionals in the Power Generation, Renewable Energy, Nuclear Energy, and Gas and Oil Exploration Industries all under one roof. We hope to see you there!

March 1, 2013

Park Manufacturing is pleased to announce the opening of our new addition!
We recently completed a 36000 square foot expansion to our production floor to better serve our current customer base, as well as to accommodate new business and customers. Come visit our expanded facility today!

February 4, 2013

Park Manufacturing has acquired a Plastic Injection Molding machine to further enhance our broad offering of products available. In addition to Battery Cables, Complex Wire Harness, Multi Conductor Cable Assemblies, and Turnkey product offerings we now are able to produce over molded cables as well. Contact Park Manufacturing today for your custom over molded assembly needs!

November 12, 2012

Park Manufacturing is pleased to welcome our new Human Resources Manager, Claudia Lee to our management team.
Moving forward, it is imperative the Park continues to improve customer satisfaction through constant and consistent focus on 100% quality, on-time delivery, and plant efficiency. In order to accomplish this Park needs to continue to provide practices and objectives that cultivate an employee orientated, high performance culture that emphasize motivation, high standards, and goal attainment. Park Manufacturing strives to be an “Employer of Choice”…an employer whose practices, policies, benefits, and overall work conditions have enabled it to successfully attract and retain top talent because employees chose to work here. Ms. Lee has a fifteen year proven track record of achieving significant results of both short and long term organizational goals by translating business strategy into workforce strategy. We look forward to working with Ms. Lee and continuing growth!

October 3, 2012

Park Manufacturing is pleased to announce the purchase of three new Cobra braiding machines.

The addition of these new machines raises our total to seven machines. A relatively new addition to our product offering, braided abrasion protection has become a very large growth segment to our wire harnessing capabilities, making Park Manufacturing even more capable of producing custom products for a large segment of various industries. For those unaware, braided abrasion protection is widely used where there is a need for precision wire bundle breakouts, and provides a more secure and stable wire bundle as well the ability for water and other fluids to simply pass through the bundle rather than pool and cause potential damage as with other tubing protection. Call Park Manufacturing to enquire about custom braided harness protection!

September 17, 2012

We are pleased and excited to announce that Park Manufacturing is expanding!

We have decided to go forward with a 36,000 square foot addition to our existing facility. This expansion will make Park's total facility 78,000 square feet.  This project, scheduled to begin late September is anticipated to be available for occupancy by mid-December, 2012, during the construction there will be no interruption to the current manufacturing facility or our production capabilities.  We value our customers and we are committed to continue investing to ensure the most efficient production of your products. This investment in facility and equipment enables Park Manufacturing to service your current and future long term requirements.  Please look for an invitation to tour our new facility early 2013!

ISO 9001/2015 Certified

WHMA 620